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Kristine Aurlien: En gjennomgang av forskningslitteratur om musikkterapi med personer med rusmiddelproblemer

Mastergrad i Musikkterapi Kristine Aurlien
Aleris Ungplan & BOI

Kristine Aurlien er utdannet musikkterapeut ved Griegakademiet i Bergen. I masteroppgaven fra 2015 gjorde hun en litteraturgjennomgang av eksisterende musikkterapiforskning innen rusfeltet. I dag jobber hun som musikkterapeut i Aleris Ungplan & BOI.

There has been an increase in publications on music therapy with persons with substance use problems, and there is a need for an overview of the literature. The purpose of this study was therefore to summarise and examine current empirical research on music therapy with persons with substance use problems, and discuss possible implications for practice and future research. Five research questions addressed the following areas: 1) the scope of the research, 2) music therapy methods, 3) outcome measures and measurement tools, 4) implications for practice and 5) future research. The method was based on Gough, Oliver and Thomas’ (2012) description of steps in a systematic literature review, conducted from a recovery perspective. Twenty-six studies were included; 17 quantitative, five qualitative, and four mixed methods studies. The most prevalent music therapy methods were lyric analysis and songwriting. Outcome measures were organised in four categories; psychological, physiological, functioning and substance use symptoms, and motivation and attitudes towards therapy. Questionnaires, both unvalidated and validated, with Likert scales were the measurement tool used most times. The representativeness of the research relating to practice is questionable. There is a need for more qualitative research, research in outpatient settings and research incorporating user participation.

Chair: Tarjei Øvrelid
Hvor: Auditoriet