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Jill Halstead : Where´s the body? In search of the corporeal in music therapy

Dr Jill Halstead
Grieg Academy UiB

Jill Halstead is an associate professor at the Grieg Academy, University of Bergen where she is part of the music therapy research group GAMUT.  She is director of the Grieg Research School in Interdisciplinary Music Studies, which provides research education in the west coast region for doctoral candidates in the fields of music therapy, musicology, artistic practice and music education. She gained her PhD in music from the University of Liverpool, UK in 1995.  Her research is interdisciplinary and has focused on issues of gender and music, popular music and embodiment.   As a musician she specializes in collaborative devising projects often working with dance and film.  

Where´s the body?   In search of the corporeal in music therapy

The body has become a central theme in the humanities and social sciences over recent years, yet it often remains an “absent presence” in relation to music therapy.   My on-going research explores issues of embodiment in musical experience, and as such seeks to highlight what the trans disciplinary field of body studies has to offer music therapy.    In this presentation I will focus on disappearing and “dys-appearing” bodies in music therapy discourse to suggest how rethinking the body, by “thinking through the body”, may offer fresh perspectives on the nature of musical experience and meaning making.

Chair: Daniel L. Kristiansen