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Jørgen Aasen Berget : Religiøs tro, musikkterapi og psykiskhelsevern

Student Jørgen Aasen Berget
Universitetet i Bergen

Jørgen Aasen Berget er student ved Griegakademiet og psykologiskfakultet ved UiB, hvor han studerer klinisk psykologi og musikkterapi. I tillegg er han aktiv i bandet Bart Clavier som i 2015 gav ut sitt første album "Luftballong".

Berget er interessert i skjæringspunktet mellom religiøs tro og psykiskhelsevern. For tiden arbeider han med en hovedoppgave i psykologi hvor han intervjuer unge mennesker som har opplevd psykose, med fokus på recovery, brukerperspektiver og brukerinvolvering.

Religion is an important part of most people’s lives in Norway, where 84% report being part of a faith community and 64% report that they believe in God (Reme, Bergraf, Anderssen, & Johnsen, 2009). Spirituality has been an area that traditionally has been excluded in relation to healthcare (Kidwell, 2014). Today there is research showing that spirituality and health are related (Lipe, 2002), however there is a lack of research on the relationship between music, spirituality and health. How can religious views, with a focus on Christianity, be respected and integrated into music therapy within mental healthcare? Religion can be defined as faith, action and emotion which is shown through personal life or within an institution (Hayes and Cowie 2005, as cited in, Reme et al., 2009). Throughout history one has seen that music has played an important role in religious cermonies and practices in different cultures (Lipe, 2002). This paper explores the question with a focus on the Norwegian music therapy context through looking closer at texts related to the humanistic perspective, the recovery- tradition as well as music and identity. The text also explores the ethical (Kagin, 2011) and cultural aspects (Jones, Baker, & Day, 2004) of meeting relgious views.

Chair: Randi Rolvsjord
Hvor: Trappesalen